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>Laughter, the Spice of Lifevocabulary | lesson plan
>Giving a Helping Hand
>Playing the Game
>Meet "Mr. Fixit", a Filipino Hero
>Have you a Conscience about our Planet?
>Humour in Times of Trouble
>The Old and the New Hong Kongvocabulary | lesson plan
>What is Globalization?
>10 Addiction or Determination?
>11 Is it Goodbye to our Rickshaws?
>12 Scientific Truth is Infinite
>13 Beware of Paedophiles
>14 Road Rage and Other Rages
>15 Wealth or Welfare?
>16 The Lapse of Morals in Modern Life
>17 A Lesson from William Shakespeare
>18 Superstitions
>19 Superstition, the Root of Fear and Tool of Crime
>20 A Dangerous Place for Young Children
>21 The Headaches of Learning English
>22 The Two Bears
>23 Learning from Hardship
>24 Chinese or English Medium of Teaching?
>25 The Problem of Domestic Violence
>26 When Does One Become an Adult?
>27 The Secret of Longevity
>28 Saving our Culture and Heritage
>29 Racial Discrimination
>30 A Tragic Result of Discrimination
>31 It's Everyone's Responsibility
>32 The Joys of Reading
>33 Honesty is the Best Policy
>34 Spreading the News
>35 Oh! What a Holiday!
>36 Spare the Rod
>37 Violence in Today’s World
>38 The Right to Live
>39 What does Democracy Really Mean?
>40 Where Can We Hear Good English?