In 2006, local legend Mrs Elsie Tu was asked by Ming Pao newspaper to write essays on interesting subjects so that local young people could use them to practice their English. These essays and articles, which became a regular Monday feature column in Ming Pao, have been republished here for use by Hong Kong secondary school students, either in the classroom or just as extra reading to hear from someone who has a lot to say about, well, life: growing up, getting along in Hong Kong, friendship and right and wrong.

Elsie Tu is one of Hong Kongís best-known educators and activists. She has been in the middle of Hong Kong history for more than fifty years. She is the author of several books, including her autobiography Shouting at the Mountain and most recently re-issued her husband Andrew Tuís coming-of-age narrative about growing up in Inner Mongolia, titled Camel Bells in the Windy Desert.

Materials are presented here for complementary use in school classrooms as a supplement to the book. Individual essays be downloaded, copied and distributed to students. Supplementary materials may used to support lessons. But if you intend to teach the entire book, please purchase copies to help support Mrs Tu's ongoing work.